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Hey, Comrades. The entire cast of The Green Cat Cabaret has voted and the winning entries are...

F I R S T - P L A C E - E N T R Y

Chat Vert by Azifri
by Azifri
A whimsical take on a cabaret classic. The cast loved the playful style,
 the green accents, and the first rate rendering of the distinctive
typography. A wonderful homage.

 S E C O N D  - P L A C E - E N T R Y

Green Cat Cabaret Tavern Sign by Ronron84

by Ronron84
The cast really dug the traditional carved wood feel of the sign
and the integration of the Green Cat logo (including the fact that
the cats are NOT green - a strange Green Cat fact).

Congratulations to the winning artists. Be sure to check out the rest of their work in their respective galleries.

More soon. And, of course, we would love for you to join us at the next Green Cat Cabaret. Check here for details.   This poster gives a little hint of the fun that is in store...

Green Cat Cabaret: Terra Show III by jademacalla

A big thanks to all the artists who entered the contest - check out all the entries below!

Now it's time for the cast and crew of The Green Cat (all 42 of them) to vote on the entries. As you can imagine it'll take a few days, but we'll be back with the results as soon as possible. In the mean time, be sure to check out the descriptions on all the images below to get a feel for the various worlds. And while you're there, check out all the other great work in the galleries of these super artists.

A L L - T H E - E N T R I E S
Alice and the Green Cat Cabaret by mcat711

The Green Cat Cabaret: Antaires edition by AzifriA Night at the Green Katz Cabaret by Azifri ~ Chat Vert by Azifri

Green Cat Cabaret Tavern Sign - 1920s by Ronron84 ~ Green Cat Cabaret Tavern Sign by Ronron84 ~ Green Cat Cabaret Tavern Sign - Halloween World by Ronron84


The mission of this contest is to create an original work of art that shows what a "Tavern Sign" for The Green Cat Cabaret would look like on ANY of the worlds where the Green Cat opens its doors. By "Tavern Sign" we mean something like the signs you see swinging over the doors of English pubs: on Earth they look like these

For this contest you can create a "Tavern Sign" for The Green Cat as it would look on your favorite world. The unique thing about The Green Cat is that it can open its doors to ANY world at any time or historical period. So one might see a sign for The Green Cat down the road from The Prancing Pony in Bree (Middle-earth) or outside a sleek glassine building on The Grid (TRON) or outside an art deco dancehall from this Earth's past or in a seedy back-ally in the world of Blade Runner. In each case the sign would "fit" in that world.

The only element that must be on the tavern sign is a text block that says "The Green Cat Cabaret", but you can add any other elements you like to the design. See below for links to info about The Green Cat.

Please include the specific world or time period your "tavern sign" is from (e.g. "The Green Cat's tavern sign as it would look in the world of TRON"). If your world happens to be one of your own creation (which is fine), just be sure to tell us a little about your world so we understand how it fits.

Judging will be based in part on how well the tavern sign fits the look and feel of the world it is from. 

General Contest Details

1) You may enter as many images as you like.

2) Entries can be in any medium you like.

3) Remember to note the specific world your tavern sign is from; e.g. Blade Runner, Star Wars, Skyrim, 1920s era Earth, Age of Pirates, TRON, The Matrix, etc. 

4) DEADLINE: September 30, 2014 - 23:59 PST


First Place Prize Pack
- 3-month Premium Membership to deviantART (or the equivalent in Points)
- An audio or video blog entry in which a cast member promotes you and your art
- A Green Cat Cabaret postcard signed by a bunch of the cast members
- A feature in my journal

Second Place Prize Pack
- A Green Cat Cabaret postcard signed by a bunch of the cast members
- A feature in my journal


There will be one 1st Prize and one 2nd Prize for every 11 artists who enter this contest! For example, if we receive entries from 33 different artists there will be three (3) 1st Prize winners and three (3) 2nd Prize winners. So spread the word and encourage your comrades to submit an entry - that will increase everyone's chance of winning something.  (Note: The number of entries that each individual artist submits does not impact this, just the number of individual artists who enter.)


The Green Cat Cabaret exists at the crossroads of many realities. Our unique relationship to Time, Space, and the twin realms of Dream and Story allows us to welcome guests, and feature acts, from a multitude of diverse and fantastic worlds. The Green Cat does not actually move through time and space, but it can open DOORWAYS to almost anywhere or anywhen. Our performers and guests come from across the worlds; the Star Wars universe, the Forgotten Realms, the past, present, and future of Terra (aka Earth), the Grid, the Matrix, Faerie, the lands of the Gods, and (literally) any place else one can imagine. 

Because our performers can hail from nearly anywhere, the Green Cat is renowned for the extraordinary acts that have appeared on our stage; prophetic fire dancers from Venus, aerialists from a Terra where magick drove out technology, playfully naughty faeries from the court of Queen Mab, and the list goes on.

The Green Cat's Official Website

The Green Cat on Facebook and Tumblr

Info and Images of our Staff and Regular Patrons

Photos from our shows

Here's a (sort of) sample Tavern Sign for a world we like:
Green Cat Tavern Sign Contest: Sample by jademacalla


Please let me know if you have any questions. We can't wait to see what you come up with!

Jade's Stock Usage Boilerplate

The rule of thumb with my stock is: (Almost) No Rules. Do whatever non-commercial thing you want with them. Use them for pose references. Create astounding composite images. Tweak the saturation by 1% and call it art (perhaps it is). Print them out and use them for target practice or make origami stoats. If you are inspired to DO something, then I am happy. You do not have to credit me or show me what you do with them, but (as any sane person would) I would love to see what you create.

If you can somehow use them to help you make a little dough that's great, just contact me so we can work something out.


Journal History


Jade Macalla
United States
Current Residence: USA
Favourite genre of music: Anything but country and/or western
Favourite style of art: Well, I suppose it\'s all of them.
Operating System: X
Skin of choice: Mine; whole and intact
Personal Quote: No, it's Jade. Jay. Ay. Dee. Ee.


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Stories of a hero by Altair-E
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