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RTA_05 by jademacalla RTA_05 by jademacalla
Hey, Cats! Sorry for the delay on the rest of these, had to be unexpectedly absent for a bit.

Here are the rest in this series; mainly pose variations of the general setup. Experimented with a physical red light in this one. I suppose I was imagining kneeling on one of those big-ass traffic light posts that they use sometimes instead of wires. Not sure why anyone would do that, though. Perhaps to shoot out the tires of folks who don't yield to pedestrians... :D

Last one before the pack of Extras.

Hey there, Comrades! I hope you have all been very well. The Green Cat Cabaret has been keeping me terribly busy, but I was so inspired by :iconlalunatique: - LaLunatique's recent series that I just had to take five and shoot a few refs in homage to her very cool angles. She's great, so check out all her images:…

These are probably pose references more than anything else, but feel free to use them for whatever works. Sometimes my terms of use can be hard to find, so here they are...

Jade's Stock Usage Terms
The rule of thumb with my stock is: (Almost) No Rules. Do whatever non-commercial thing you want with them. Use them for pose references. Create astounding composite images. Tweak the saturation by 1% and call it art (perhaps it is). Print them out and use them for target practice or make origami stoats. If you are inspired to DO something, then I am happy. You do not have to credit me or show me what you do with them, but (as any sane person would) I would love to see what you create.

If you can somehow use them to help you make a little dough that's great, just contact me so we can work something out.

Download for full-size image.

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Used this here… Thanks!!
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