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Submitted on
January 30, 2013


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Movie Poster Contest - CLOSED

Wed Jan 30, 2013, 5:08 PM
UPDATE No. 5:  What an incredible line-up of entries! Great work from everyone who submitted images to the contest. Now the hard task of picking the winning entries. This will take about a week, since we need to get feedback from several members of the cast and the development team. We will have the results no later than this weekend (April 7th).  In the mean time, check out the final roster of entries here:…   .

Thanks again to everyone who entered!

UPDATE No. 4: 3 more days for this contest! And coincidentally just 3 more artists until we reach the PRIZES X 4 level of the contest!  Come on, there's plenty of time to enter and you'll be in excellent company - what an incredible list of entries we've received so far (check them all here:… ) .  See below for complete details.

UPDATE No. 3A: With the addition of the most recent entry we've hit 17 artists! And you know what that means...PRIZES x 3. Three chances to win a 1st Place prize and 3 chances to win a 2nd Place prize.  So what's holding you back! With 14 days left in the contest there is still plenty of time. Check out the details below and take a swing at creating a poster. Remember, the movie posters can be in ANY style or technique; realistic or abstract, photo-composite or digital illustration or even traditional media.  We'd love to see what you come up with.

UPDATE No. 2:  With nine artists having entered the contest so far, we are into 'double prize' land; there will now be two 1st Prize winners and two 2nd Prize winners.  (And if we reach 17 artists it goes to Prizes x 3, and so on - see below for the rest of the prize craziness.)

UPDATE: The showcase page for all the contest entries is here -…

This contest is all about creating one of the more recognizable of our popular artforms, the Cinema One-Sheet (aka the Movie Poster). Iconic, eye-catching, designed to hook the viewer and tell a story; good movie posters are sometimes better art than the films they illustrate.

The objective of this contest is to create a movie poster for our new project; FREE LANCE.

We'll provide information about the world of FREE LANCE (to give you an idea of the setting and tone) along with pictures of the principal characters so that you can create some awesome images.


The contest details are pretty straightforward:

1) The poster can be any style or medium; digital, traditional, photo-manipulation - whatever you like. It can be realistic or abstracted, pretty much anything that presents the themes and/or characters in a visually interesting and exciting way.

2) You can submit as many entries as you like, but each much be a different and distinct image (i.e. not two versions of the same image, one tinted blue and the other tinted orange).

3) The poster can be any size. It does not need to conform to the standard one-sheet size of 27 x 40 inches.

4) If you use the project's title in your design (and you probably should) it should be written as two words: FREE LANCE .

5) Feel free to make up any tag lines that you think work, but this is not a requirement. Also, the image does NOT need to include a billing block (the fine print at the bottom of many movie posters), but you can include one if you like.

6) The three main players (so far) in the world of FREE LANCE are Nicolette Jennsen, Val Dekker, and Andrew Ivey. You can include any, all, or none of these characters in your design - whatever works for you.

NOTE: Reference images of the actors who play Nicolette Jennsen and Andrew Ivey, whether posted here on dA or off site, may be used ONLY to create entries for this contest - they should not be considered "general use" stock photos. As usual, images of the actor who plays Val Dekker (me) may be used for anything you want. :D

NOTE: Basic background information about the project and characters can be found below. More detailed information can be found

7) Judging will be based on visual impact, overall design, and how well you integrate the project's themes and/or characters into your design.

8) You can submit your entry by sending me a note or a comment with the link. Please reference Free Lance Poster Contest, so it is less likely to get missed.

Deadline: Sunday, March 31st, 2013 - 11:59 EST


First Prize

- A USB thumb drive containing every stock photo I've ever taken (about 2,500 images)

[If you happen to already have one of these, we'll substitute a 3-month Premium Membership]

- An 8.5 x 11 print of me acting silly

- A feature in my journal here on dA

Second Prize

- A pack of 20 exclusive stock photos that have never been posted on dA

- A feature in my journal here on dA

There will be one 1st Prize and one 2nd Prize for every 8 artists who enter this contest! For example, if we receive entries from 40 different artists there will be five (5) 1st Prize winners and five (5) 2nd Prize winners. So spread the word and encourage your comrades to submit something - that will increase everyone's chance of winning something.

(Note: The number of entries that each individual artist submits does not impact this, just the number of individual artists who enter.)

Good luck to you all, can't wait to see what you come up with.  The basic project info is below. Be sure to check for more information here: , and feel free to ask if you have any questions.

* = = = = = = = = *


FREE LANCE is a modern-day thriller. The characters operate in a world of corporate espionage, crime (organized and otherwise), adventure, and action. The players are power brokers, mercenaries, con men, eccentrics, geeks, thieves, and thugs.

The spin is that the action of FREE LANCE revolves around rare and mysterious POP CULTURE items and information. Lost films, ultra-rare collectible figures, forbidden books, hidden places, urban legends, etc. There is nothing supernatural, but almost everything is pretty weird.

The main players in the world of FREE LANCE (thus far) are:

Nicolette Jennsen (Nic to her friends) is an associate professor of Modern Folklore and Popular Culture at McRae University. She knows an incredible amount about netlore, lost pop-culture artifacts, urban legends and hidden places; all the modern-day 'secrets' at the fringe of our media-driven culture.

She has become aware of the criminal underground that deals in these types of things and she has thrown herself right into the middle of it, turning herself into quite a badass in the process.  --  Nic is portrayed by Ms. Anja Akstin.

F2_ST_JSNIPE - 37 by jademacalla
Val is a free-lance operator. He spent most of his early career in the Strategic Business Intelligence (SBI) sections of various international companies; providing security, gathering (or stealing) information (and other things), and conducting corporate black ops.

When the time was right Val struck out on his own doing much the same work, but on his own terms and generally for better money. Over the past several years, more and more of Val's contracts have been dealing with strange elements of popular culture. As it turns out, Val has a knack for dealing with these types of issues. It was one of these strange contracts that introduced Nic to Val. Now they often work together on these types of jobs. -- Val is portrayed by Jade Macalla.

Ivey started out as a courier for the criminal gangs in East Cleveland. He was smart, tough and ambitious and by his early twenties he was running his own crew and taking down scores throughout the midwest region of the US. He specialized in high-line burglaries and it was during one of these that he stumbled upon a sparkling blue gem that, upon verifying its detailed provenance, Ivey realized should not exist. Yet it did.

Ivey called in some favors with a couple of his more esoteric contacts and eventually found that there is a global criminal network that traffics exclusively in items of odd and uncanny pop culture significance. Now Ivey is a major player in that network.  --  Ivey is portrayed by Adam Richardson.


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